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ドリマリ Blog

ドリマイ Blog
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Dollis Marry (ドーリスマリィ) are Seiju (聖樹) (Vo), Iori (依織) (Gt) and Karen (加恋) (Gt). The members Rinka (鈴華) (Ba) and Shinya (真夜) (Dr) left the band on 21.09.2007. Dollis Marry are currently out of activity as band, but continue on updating their blog.

This community translates the blog entries of the members of Dollis Marry. Its purpose is to make the thoughts and lives of the members more available to non-japanese-speaking fans.

I'm translating them on my own and as translation practice. So as my Japanese is not perfect and I'm not used to translating into English, there might be mistakes. I will not post them here as soon as the members themselves post, but as soon as I have the time to translate them. I also won't translate past entries.

There are a few simple rules. Please act according to them, if you want to add this community. I don't want there to be any problems or misunderstandings.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anytime!

・ No flaming & stuff. Everybody, be nice!

・ Please comment to the posts! It's extra work for me to translate the entries and I'd be glad to see, that someone is actually reading!

・ Do not ask or even push for translations! I'm doing this in my free-time. I will post when I have the time to!

・ If you want to repost my translations somewhere else, please credit me or this community! I don't want anyone to steal my work.

・ I will not translate comments for the member's entries. If you want to comment on the original entries, visit their blog and do so on your own.

If you want to affiliate this community, please contact me (yu_chan88) and I'd be happy to add you!